PAYE Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Customer Agreement with Michael O’Leary & Company

1. I have not filed an income tax return to the Irish Revenue for the years under review. I authorise Michael O’Leary & Company to be my agent with the Revenue Commissioners and the department of Social Protection for the current tax year and the previous 4 years.

2. I have given Michael O’Leary & Company all information regarding my income, my assets, and my personal circumstances in order to prepare my tax return. If there are any discrepancies I take full responsibility for same.

3. I have full documentation to back up any claim for a tax rebate and I am satisfied that the Revenue Commissioners will have the final say on any amount due to me.

4. On receipt of the refund, I am prepared to remit the commission by bank transfer, less the minimum payment to within 7 days of receipt of refund.

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